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Dear Alex,

You were fantastic here in Houston at the FED on Oct 8, 2011. I have been wanting to meet you for some time.

I write to introduce you to my work, to state my qualificalions, and offer my unparalleled services to you at no
charge. Thank you for all you do to draw attention to these important matters..

Here is an Edited Clip of your visit


My name is Kenny Owens, perhaps the worlds most successful and experienced bodyworker.

I have worked with greats such as Kevin Trudeau, Evander Holyfield, Carl Lewis, Carol Lewis, Leroy Burrell, Joe
DeLoach, Lou Savarese, Warren Moon, Hakkeem Olijawon, Roger Clements, Mary Lou Retton, Pete Pfitszinger,
Andy Van Slyke, Fred Couples, Marty Fleckman, Pete Harnish, John Mecom Jr. and numerous other high
profile athletes and celebrities.

Your body's health is your longevity - Protect it!    

        Call me  713-875-7541 or  832-885-0216

The Houston Oilers, Houston Rockets and Houston Ballet have had enormous success with my proprietary
system and I wish to promote my system to the 1,000 most influential people in the world in the understanding
the role of muscles in posture, pain, disease, dysfunction, and disability. Look at the "hump" at the base of your neck.

Mere words are truly unable to convey the simplicity, magnatude and significance of what I am trying to convey
to you. This system is not like anything else! The other systems have not hit the target, much less the bullseye.

My approach is known only to myself and my stable of Advanced World Class Master Bodyworkers.I can
demonstrate beyond any question as to what is certainly the heart of a problem.

My Master Therapists are worth more than a first round draft pick! Not only do they truly understand the
undiagnosed myofascial component, the can "cure" the "injury", they can prevent most "injuries", and with
proper instruction and cooperation, improve performance, become injury free, and best of all, be "fresh"
at the end of a long season, when all other teams, without this technology, will be tight, tired, and injury

The Houston OIlers had their best three years ever when we were working on them. The Rockets had their
best two years ever.
It was only the extreme jealousy of the trainers that we were eventually stopped, with
great loss to both the Oilers and the Rockets! Just look at Yao Ming - An uneccesary tragedy!

I invite you investigate my world class solutions, my unique and precise approach to wellness and in particular
the the deeper understanding of the role of muscles in the cause of pain, disease, dysfunction, and disability. 

In my carreer, I have given over 58,000+ treatments and have a unique understanding and a profoundly simple
approach to successfully deal with your hamstring problems, and problems just below the threshold of perception.
The accumlative effect of years of living, have made, overtime, our muscles tighten to perhaps, just below the
threshold of perception. Make NO mistake, I know how and can solve these issues!

Untreated Myofascial tightness head to toe is a worldwide epidemic.

Here is more Evidence of your System!



Kindly go to this link to my Highlight Reel on YouTube

For those interested in joining my Wellness Revolution.