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Kenny J Owens Brief Life Sketch
I was born in a middle class family in 1946 in Dallas, Texas and lived on Carlson Drive until my dad built a house and we moved to North Dallas - Walnut Hill Lane at Marsh Lane. I went to elementary, junior high and high school there. I went to University of Texas at Arlington, but did not finish my degree. I mainly have had a keen sense of how things work. My childhood heroes were Einstein, da Vinci, Galileo and Edison and I remember always dreaming up many inventions myself, which, through the course of time, I observed that many of my ideas were actually produced by somebody else who had the vision, insight, and resources ahead of their time and they got there before me. I did not have the ability to bring things into existance. When I was 14 I read my dads copy of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. It changed my thought process and how I viewed things. A person really can do, be and have anything he wants.

Shamefullly, in my youth, I suffered great personal tragedy by persuing what I would call a "downward direction" and worse still I led many other unsuspecting souls downward as well. It was only the man upstairs who kept me here to right the wrongs and share and teach others the lessons I have learned. I learned many valuable lessons making and correcting mistakes.

I have been an Electrician, Instrument Technician, Analytical System Technician, Communications Technician, Electronics Technician, Satellite Technician, Computer & Network System Designer and Programmer, Senior Designer & Project Engineer. My hobbies included being a private pilot, racing racing motocross, playing table tennis, and excercizing.

I taught my son (U.S. National Champion in Table Tennis and currently in Med School (D.O.)in Chicago at Midwestern University) to count to one quadrillion and ride a bicycle when he was three, race motocross when he was 5. Under my coaching he ran a 4:06 marathon after his 9th birthday, and a 5:39 mile (9th at TAC Nationals), a 17:59 5K. He won the National 9 year old Ironkids Triathlon Championships, he won the U.S. Table Tennis under 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and under 22 National Jr titles, won U.S. Men's National Singles & Doubles, North American Doubles, Pan American Games Gold, got a College Scholarship and won the National Collegiate singles, doubles, mixed doubles and team all 4 years. Getting his Biology degree with a minor in math and a minor in science, he took 21 hours graduating  Magna Cum Laude, National Honor Society, won Chemistry Student of the year, Pre-Med Student of the year, Student-Athlete of the year, University Student of the year, and the special Civic-Academic-Athletic Achievement Award of the year and got his Masters in Biomedical science. He is now in 4th year of med school.

I have worked with Evander Holyfield, Carl, Carol and Evelyn Lewis, Hakeem Alajuwon, Rudy Tomjanavich, Warren Moon, Fred Couples, Mary Lou Retton, Roger Clements, Frank Tate and tens of thousands of others. I am the Author of several Manuscripts of The Delos Octology, The Delos Vision, The Delos Plan, and Delos Science of Being. My childhood heroes were Einstein, Da Vinvi, Edison, Galileo etc. 

My lengthy successful career as an inventor, visionary, inspiring motivator and wellness pioneer has spanned 43+ years with excess of 100,000+ NMT treatments.

I am founder of the Partnership for a Healthy America,  I have used 28 oz of fresh wheatgrass juice per day.

I went to Moscow with one of my many mentors Werner Erhard to put on the 1st Forum (EST training) and helped bring down communism.