About Kenny Owens

Kenny Owens is a world-renowned bodyworker who invented a bodywork approach which gives substantial results when all other known systems fail. Kenny suffered chronic suicidal pain in 1980 which led to his discoveries about the role of muscles regarding pain, disease, dysfunction, and disability.This led to the creation of Myofascial Science, also known as muscular health science. In 39 years Kenny has given in excess of 116,000 treatments, mostly on those beyond any medical or surgical cure. He has vast experience with every conceivable condition.

Kenny has worked on many notable athletes including Evander Holyfield, Warren Moon, Hakeem Olajuwon, Carl Lewis, Fred couples, Mary Lou Retton, Roger Clements, Lance Berkman and numerous others. He worked with the Houston Oilers football team, the Houston Rockets basketball team and the Houston ballet.Additionally, Kenny is the oldest surviving member of his mother’s side of the family because of cancer. His family also had rampant heart disease, arthritis, and many had severe autoimmune disorders. He greatly desired to avoid what appeared to be a bad genetic tree and fervently desired to achieve superior health and longevity.

Subsequently, he has searched far and wide around the world in great detail and accumulated vast knowledge and insights into achieving vibrant wellness. He subscribes to the Hippocrates concept of “let thy food be thy medicine”.Kenny has assisted people with bettering their health for 50 years. Importantly, upon discovering Dr. Joel Fuhrman in 1995, Kenny immediately recognized the significance of this turn of events and studied Dr. Fuhrman and his work thoroughly.

Considering recent developments in nutritional science as outlined by Dr. Fuhrman, Kenny has been spreading the Nutritarian message which Dr. Fuhrman prescribes.

Kenny is currently writing 2 books and preparing the outline of 2 documentary films on myofascial science and wellness science. Additionally, he is writing a health care reform plan which will go to the new administration, the House of Representatives, and the Senate during the healthcare reform and replacement debate. Kenny believes we have to reduce the use of healthcare to save a national crisis.

Kenny J Owens was born in a middle class family November 20, 1946 in Dallas, Texas and lived on Carlson Drive until his dad built a house and we moved to North Dallas – Walnut Hill Lane at Marsh Lane. I went to elementary, junior high and high school there. I went to University of Texas at Arlington, but did not finish my degree. I mainly have had a keen sense of how things work. My childhood heroes were Einstein, da Vinci, Galileo and Edison and I remember always dreaming up many inventions myself, which, through the course of time, I observed that many of my ideas were actually produced by somebody else who had the vision, insight, and resources ahead of their time and they got there before me. I did not have the ability to bring things into existence. When I was 14 I read my dads copy of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. It changed my thought process and how I viewed things. A person really can do, be and have anything he wants. Or so I thought!
Foolishly, in my youth, I suffered great personal tragedy by perusing what I would call a “downward direction” and worse still I led many other unsuspecting souls downward as well. It was only the man upstairs who kept me here to right the wrongs and share and teach others the lessons I have learned.

He worked as an Electrician, Instrument Tech, Analytical System Tech, Communications Technician, Electronics Tech, Satellite Tech, Computer & Network System Designer and Programmer, Senior Designer & Project Engineer, Private Pilot, Raced Motocross, etc, etc, etc…

He taught his son (U.S. National Champion in Table Tennis and currently in Med School (D.O.)in Chicago at Midwestern University) to count to one quadrillion and ride a bicycle when he was three, race motocross when he was 5. Under my coaching he ran a 4:06 marathon after his 9th birthday, and a 5:39 mile (9th at TAC Nationals), a 17:59 5K. He won the National 9 year old Ironkids Triathlon Championships, he won the U.S. Table Tennis under 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and under 22 National Jr titles, won U.S. Men’s National Singles & Doubles, North American Doubles, Pan American Games Gold, got a College Scholarship and won the National Collegiate singles, doubles, mixed doubles and team ALL 4 YEARS. Getting his Biology degree with a minor in math and a minor in science, he took 21 hours graduating  Magna Cum Laude, National Honor Society, won Chemistry Student of the year, Pre-Med Student of the year, Student-Athlete of the year, University Student of the year, and the special Civic-Academic-Athletic Achievement Award of the year and got his Masters in Biomedical science. He is now in 3rd year of med school.

I have worked with Evander Holyfield, Carl, Carol and Evelyn Lewis, Hakeem Alajuwon, Rudy Tomjanavich, Warren Moon, Fred Couples, Mary Lou Retton, Roger Clements, Frank Tate and tens of thousands of others. I am the Author of the “Primal Language” Manuscripts of The Delos Octology, The Delos Vision, The Delos Plan, The Delos Cosmology and Delos Science of Being. My childhood heroes were Einstein, Da Vinvi, Edison, Galileo etc.  My lengthy successful career as an inventor, visionary, inspiring motivator and wellness pioneer has spanned 50+ years with excess of 116,000+ NMT treatments, I am the “Father of Muscular Health” and “Myofascial Science”, I am founder of the Partnership for a Healthy America, I am working on 100+ web sites to actualize these things into existence! I have used 28 oz of fresh wheatgrass juice per day. I went to Moscow with one of my many mentors Werner Earhardt to put on the 1st Forum (EST training) and helped bring down communism.

Human Language cannot convey certain things!!!!!
My Special Gift is “Delos Structure for Fulfillment”


The Enigma of Kenny Owens

My name is Kenny Owens. In 1980, I made a major medical discovery This led to a 42 year mission and career, and the start of the understanding of the Secrets of Achieving Personal Wellness and distinguishing the Art and Science of Muscular Health.

Humbly and respectfully, I submit that even now, I “walk the walk” after having spent many decades thoroughly seeking holistic and alternative methods worldwide and investigating numerous approaches to healthy living. I now have adopted several proven wellness strategies.

Along the way I appear to also have become an advanced  world class, grand master Bodyworker without peer – with an unparalleled experience  – over 60,000 treatments. Most of this experience was on people well beyond any medical or surgical cure, in essence, the worst of the worst!

Let me relate my findings: I have compelling evidence that Myofascial Tightness is the single
most overlooked consideration affecting the health and wellness of every human being!  If there
were this level of dysfunction, in any other tissue of the body, the liver, the heart, the lungs, the brain, there would be an immediate worldwide effort to get to the bottom of the problem. In this case they re asleep to the problem and how the unseen myofascial tightness affects every part of the body in the cause of pain, disease, dysfunction, and disability.

This scenario is not unlike Pasteur and “Germ Theory”. Pasteur was not a doctor but a chemist and physicians outright rejected this. It was NOT “In the Books”- NO invisible bugs!  It took 35 to 100 years to thoroughly get Germ Theory into all Medical Schools.  I have now spent 31 years trying to get “Muscular Health Theory” before the SERIOUS attention of the scientific and Medical Community. If there were no brushing, no flossing, no Dentists or Dentlal Hygienists, no Science of Dental Health, no fluoridated water and every human being had decayed teeth – that would not make any sense!  I can state with absolute certainty we have precisely the same exact scenario in the domain of muscles!
There are no equivalents in the domain of the muscles.

The many other approaches to treating the muscles have not hit the target, much less the bullseye!
Where all other known systems have failed, this system continuously has the highest success rate anywhere worldwide!  Myofascial Tightness is a world wide epidemic and an world wide crisis. Every human being (mammals) has it, some more, some less. And it goes unrecognized! Muscular Health has not previously been defined, characterized, or quantified.

I MEAN YOU! THE READER OF THIS!  There are two scenarios.

First, is problems which we all may face sometime in the future. I realize that much can be done to early detect and even prevent most grave consequences.

Second, The very problem you are wondering about, is what I am speaking about, it’s the condition YOU have, which can’t or won’t get well, or treatment results aren’t what you want.  I am telling YOU that you are exactly like me! It is this enormous mechanical force which the muscles place throughout the body which is actually  tearing our bodies apart, right before our eyes and we are not even aware of what I am speaking!

When I made this breakthrough discovery I thought it was so OBVIOUS, AMAZING and easily demonstrateable beyond ANY question  –  I thought it would travel around the world in months! NOT years!

I went to the Olympic Committee in 1986 to Have an Injury Free 1988 Olympic Games t

In 1993, I sent out packages of True Healthcare Reform to Bill and Hillory Clinton, Leon Panetta, Elder Bush,Dan Rather, the NIH, 60 Minutes, and with all that, NO RESPONSE!

What do I have to do to get the world’s attention? This is TRULY a crisis, and an epidemic.

The problem is, my mother died at 63 years. I am the eldest living member of my mothers side of the family and I have many of my mothers similarities and traits. My dad recently passed at 96 years old. I am somewhere in between. If I do not get my experience recorded for mankind it would be a tragedy. They will not be able to capture it from my corpse. I need help and would be grateful for it.

32 Years – 60 Thousand+ Treatments – Unparalleled Experience!


Good day to you. Tired of playing injured or sitting on the bench injured? Is it getting harder and harder to “play past the pain”?   My name is Kenny Owens.  I write to you to alert you to the most overlooked consideration affecting each and every team in the NFL. I would like to introduce you to my pioneering work, Myofascial Science, aka: Muscular Health Science.

Muscular Health Science is a revolutionary and shockingly simple approach to deal with any injury and most subpar performance issues. I am a Houston area “deep tissue” bodyworker who has for 32 years successfully treated many of the world’s most elite athletes. Along the way I made many unique and amazing discoveries. I have made extraordinary use of this knowledge and developed a surefire performance enhancement and injury prevention system for all professional athletes. Many have avoided career ending injuries with this exacting system.

Discover what the Oilers and Rockets found when they had their most exceptional seasons ever:  Muscular Health Science is the key to peak performance and an injury free season.

In the early 1990s my staff and I treated 30 of the Houston Oilers and 11 of the Houston Rockets. The Oilers and Rockets have had enormous success with this system, with the Oilers best 3 years ever and the Rockets best 2 years was during the time we treated those players.

Peel back the veil of misunderstanding and confusion surrounding the true factors affecting your own injuries. Myofascial Science treatments address actual overlooked core issues that cause injury and subpar performance while providing immediate relief from pain. We can therefore systematically target those overlooked damaged muscle fibers, remake your body, rid you of injuries, and achieve peak performance by “restoring” your body’s muscular health.

Kindly review the attached “Warren Moon” “miracle” article to get an idea what to expect. Mere words are truly unable to convey the simplicity, magnitude, and significance of what I am trying to relate to you. An actual demonstration is the only way to truly understand this Science.

I am confident you will be impressed, and I invite you to speak to your Texan teammates who have already received these life altering treatments and personally explore this innovative, dependable, and precise approach to understanding, solving, and ultimately preventing injuries.

Make your life so much easier. Your body’s muscular health is your income.  Protect it!

If you want to know more about how to resolve your existing or chronic condition, please contact me, at your service 7 days a week, 7am – 10pm,  832-206-0246,  or   832-885-0216.

Sincerely yours,

Kenny Owens
Wellness Pioneer