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Muscular health is the single most overlooked consideration affecting our health. It is not our error however, no one has seriously focused our attention on what muscular health is.  This new information is not yet available even to the medical universities.  DELOS® Neuro-Muscular Therapy Centers, Inc., is a leader in this field and stands for, clarifies, and distinguishes what is Muscular Health and how to effectively achieve it.

We have discovered that most pain is actually caused by excessively tight muscles.  In fact, overly tight muscles cause an estimated 98% + of physical symptoms including; tendinitis, bursitis, pinched & entrapped nerves, compressed & herniated discs, stress fractures, worn & compressed cartilage, bone & heel spurs, headaches, subluxations and others.  The destructive forces on the attachments or the joints gradually escalate and create the symptoms.

It is essential to see that the health of the muscles is directly affected by the tightness in the muscles.  Blood and lymph volume is drastically reduced in hypercontracted muscles.  Tremendous congestion and inflammation accumulates in the tissues from cellular metabolic wastes, all due to ineffective circulation.  As this stagnation progresses, the tissue suffers increasingly destructive pathological changes.

It takes years, often decades, of tonus increase before you actually can feel any pain or stiffness.  The last “incident” where you “injured” yourself did not cause your pain.  It was all the years of tightening and then that last “incident” which was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.  Similarly, it takes a very deep cavity to actually cause pain or very advanced cancer to notice symptoms.  The point is, none of this pathology occurs overnight.  In virtually every case, therapeutic intervention would have prevented or minimized its occurrence.

If we did not have brushing, flossing or dentistry we would all have serious difficulties in the mouth.  Without the technical equivalent to dental care for the muscles, we suffer from many conditions including; tiredness, irritability, posture distortion, stiffness, decreased athletic performance, pain and injury, and more significantly, incapacitation in old age.  If we are to remedy these conditions, we must effectively raise the level of muscular health to new standards.

Soft Tissue Dysfunction: the debilitator of man

Soft Tissue Dysfunction is the greatest dysfunction that man experiences and remains virtually unrecognized or discussed.  Soft Tissue Dysfunction is simply a muscle fibers or groups of muscle fibers which are hyper-contracted and remain hyper-contracted for some lengthy period of time.  Soft Tissue Dysfunction is also the resulting congestion, inflammation, destructive forces and degeneration that develop as a consequence of this hyper-contraction in the tissues.

It doesn’t go unnoticed however, many people suffer immensely because of it.  In pain and posture problems, the neuro-musculo-fascial (soft tissue) involvement is rarely accurately judged and it is consistently greatly underestimated and misunderstood..

It causes a whole range of serious problems which can greatly affect all peoples’ lives.  Tendinitis, bursitis, stress fractures, boney growths and spurs, entrapped nerves, herniated discs, numbness, even menstrual cramps, endometriosis, fertility problems, pneumonia, ear infections, bladder and kidney infections, hypertension and incapacitation in old age are all conditions that have been identified with muscular tightness patterns and Soft Tissue Dysfunction.

Virtually all children inherit some muscular tightness from parents.  Trauma, repetitive motions, sustained contractions, stress, viruses, infections, and dietary indiscretions all can accelerate and escalate this inborn muscular tightness.  The tissues have, unseen and unfelt, literally tightened and tightened for years and even decades.  There finally becomes such an enormous destructive force and conditions that a symptom finally reveals itself.

When the muscle fibers are hyper-contracted they have an ineffective circulation.  This ineffective circulation creates an extensive congestion and inflammation in the tissue from the cellular anaerobic metabolic wastes.  The tissue is choking away its own nourishment and life.  Allowing this stagnation to remain without maintenance therapy for years and decades, the tissues suffer profound fibrous degeneration which we know as fibrosis, fibrositis, or muscular rheumatism.  This is the most serious form of Soft Tissue Dysfunction and it disables many of the elderly.

Man unknowingly faces a whole range of preventable problems caused by the gradual onset of Soft Tissue Dysfunction.  Before muscle tightness causes pain or an injury, it will restrict athletic performance and create posture and range of motion problems and eventually will disable many of the elderly.  If we didn’t have brushing and flossing and the Science of Dentistry, we would have similar difficulties in the mouth.

We must invent a new model (Paradigm):

At the very outset we state categorically that healthy tissues are certainly pain free tissues.  The unseen problem is the muscles become unhealthy because of lack of maintenance treatment.  What have we done to actually prevent these disorders? To reverse this process, some method of restoring an effective circulation is critical to the health of the tissues.   Blood and lymph can greatly rejuvenate the tissues.

In the domain of the muscles, what precise and technical equivalents do we have to brushing, flossing and to the dentist?   Do we even realize that the muscles require maintenance?  Our understanding of how the muscles affect the body is indeed in the infant stages.

The devastating effects muscles can have on the body is remarkable.  The golden years are not what they are meant up to be, unless we arrive there in great condition.  Continuous intense pain or disability isn’t a bright future.  Something must be done to impede and lessen the escalating tightness patterns and deteriorating conditions we all experience.

Most people greatly underestimate the amount of tightness and resulting severe pathology they have going on in their own bodies.  As a result, the muscles continue to tighten, and consequently their impeded circulation continues rapid deterioration (aging) of the tissues throughout their lives.  Few can go a whole lifetime without crippling tightness.

Solution: Soft Tissue Release – Needed Extraordinary Breakthrough

It has been observed that if the hypercontractions (muscle fiber tautness) of the muscle fibers can be lessened or released, the symptoms will also lessen or disappear.  This is not hard to see or demonstrate, it simply hasn’t been distinguished.  As a result of this finding and numerous other related discoveries, an advanced form of manual therapy or bodywork named The DELOS® Neuro-Muscular Therapy (NMT) was independently developed over a six and one half year period.

DELOS® Neuro-Muscular Therapy has achieved a remarkable success record against the most stubborn pain resistant to all known popular modalities (treatment  methods).  The reason for this is, NMT actually loosens the muscles which actually are causing the pain and symptoms.  Unless you can release the muscles, the pain is often very stubborn and very often returns even more intensely at some future time.

What is DELOS® Therapy?

The DELOS® Neuro-Muscular Therapy is many extraordinary things.  It is state of the art treatment for posture distortion, pain and injury prevention.  It is an incredible diagnostic tool.  It can see what X-rays, CAT scans and MRI’s can’t see. It can pinpoint the exact source of difficulty.  NMT can reverse much of the effects of aging and it can provide an extraordinary overall increase in athletic performance, i.e., consistency, precision, explosiveness and endurance.  Most importantly it focuses our attention and concentration toward its philosophy and curriculum for muscular health. Its rich ideology stands for and clarifies the meaning and need for muscular health.

As a bodywork it is a special type of hands on static pressure therapy that was developed from 1981-1987 and clinically tested through the end of 1991.  It is a precision squeezing of the tissues.  Its success lies in the fact that it calms the nervous system, it micro-stretches the fibrils, and it releases the congestion and inflammation in the proximity of the cells into the blood and lymph streams.

DELOS® Neuro-Muscular Therapy revitalizes by replenishing depleted cells to a remarkable level in short time because of a extraordinary increase in circulation.  Adequate blood and lymph are necessary for cellular survival.  Muscle cells are not similar to bone and skin, in that they do not replicate (create new cells).  They are similar to nerve cells, in that when they die, they are gone forever.  They are therefore very precious to us and worthy of our utmost considerations.  We must accordingly think cellular to ensure maximum muscular health.

DELOS® has vast experience with symptoms that have proven resistant to all other known treatment methods.  Most people greatly underestimate how much serious tightness and resulting destructive pathology that remains unseen and unfelt in their own bodies.  Absence of pain is certainly not a reliable indicator of muscular health.  If we didn’t brush and floss on a regular basis we would have terrible dental problems.  Regular DELOS®  Neuro-Muscular Therapy Treatments will restore tissues to the highest possible state of health.

We are all facing this potentially disabling degeneration, pain, or incapacitation sometime in our lives.  This is a true worldwide epidemic of myofascial disease. There is no early detection for joint trouble.  If there were this level of dysfunction in any other tissue of the body, there would be an enormous immediate worldwide all out investigation on the part of scientists, physicians, and researchers to examine and understand the substance of this disorder.  In the case of muscles, we are asleep to the true condition.

The golden years are not what they are meant up to be, unless we arrive there in good condition.  See for yourself.  The muscles need to be squeezed at some frequency to press out the congestion and establish effective circulation.  Regular visits to your DELOS® Neuro-Muscular Therapist will prove the benefits.

We must increase our efforts to bring the message of muscular health to the forefront of the American Health Agenda.  It is fun to study, talk about, and be excited about Muscular Health.  Tell your friends, physicians, insurance agents, and legislators about NMT and Muscular Health.  Why put up with stiffness, pain, and degeneration?  Muscles cause pain and affect the quality of your life.  One hundred years from now, people will be astonished to think that human beings put a man on the moon before they knew that muscles caused the pain and disability.

Case Study

Join our Study – we need persons to document the findings of Neuro-Muscular research.  Give video testimony which will help save future generations the agony and disability they are needlessly facing.  Contact our office for details.


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