Kenny Owens’ Health Journey


Kenny Owens had many ups and downs in his health journey.

Kenny is the oldest surviving member of his mother’s side of the family because of cancer. His family also had rampant heart disease, arthritis, and many had severe autoimmune disorders. He truly desired to understand and possibly avoid what appeared to be a bad genetic fate and greatly desired to achieve if possible, superior health and longevity. Genetic testing revealed lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, and sudden cardiac arrest genes. Additionally, Kenny had numerous childhood health problems and always wondered how and where all of these conditions and issues came from.

In 1969, Kenny discovered that the Seventh-day Adventists had the best health records of any large group in the country and they were mostly all vegetarian. Then Kenny discovered that his favorite childhood heroes were also vegetarian. Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, da Vinci, Galileo, Pythagoras, Tesla, Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, and many others. He realized that maybe these great heroes were onto something.

In 1978 Kenny found out about the greatest healers of the 20th century who used nutritious food as medicine and after vast research fervently subscribes to the Hippocrates concept of “Let thy food be thy Medicine”. Subsequently, he has searched far and wide around the world in great detail and accumulated vast knowledge and insights into achieving vibrant health and wellness.

He became fascinated with improving his health and longevity by investigating and following these great pioneers who had so much success when medical science failed.  Kenny has assisted people with bettering their health for 50 years. Importantly, upon discovering well-known contemporary nutritional medicine doctors, Kenny immediately recognized the significance of this turn of events and for years studied their work thoroughly.

Kenny has been working on the Delos wellness plan, which is a comprehensive full-spectrum approach and the only plan offered to the public reducing demand on the healthcare system and provides less expensive and yet more effective protocols and thereby enabling one to achieve a lucid, disease-free, medicine-free, surgery-free, disability-free, nimble and pliable life of radiant well-being and longevity.

Kenny believes what we have in this country is actually “sick care” and not healthcare. There is no money with dead people or healthy people. Healthcare is actually self-care. Revamping healthcare payment sources does not solve the increasing health crisis. The current medical approach bankrupts’ persons, companies, and will certainly bankrupt the country if left unaltered. We are kidding ourselves if we think medical approaches will make us healthy. That can only happen if we make our citizens properly informed and thereby truly healthy. The absence of symptoms is not health.

It is inconceivable and actually unconscionable that healthcare reform could be debated in this country without any discussion about how to make individuals healthy and pain-free. It is necessary that true breakthroughs are considered to reduce healthcare costs be included in these discussions. It is therefore essential to reach out with a message to those interested in participating.


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