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Notice: I am not a minister, have received no ministerial training, nor have any degrees. I am however, a man of faith, which God gave the courage to stand up for the needy and the forgotten. I cannot sit idly by when there are so many things I can do each day to help those in such great need.

Many of you may ask me, how can I start a ministry, when I am not a minister, and have no theological training or degrees. After witnessing the many things I will describe, my heart is filled with sympathy for these neglected people, and I see practically no one truly helping these people, and wish to extend a hand to them, therefore I really can’t anymore sit idly by.

In order to understand what drives me, let’s peel back the curtain and looked inside. I must say, helping the needy gave me a heart. By giving advice to my needy friends, I found the same advice was applicable to me.This improved both of our conditions and we were grateful for the upliftment. It became a self-illuminating way upward, ajourney, a path unfolding as each day went by, revealing insight after insight.

We have often heard about the Golden rule.  We have heard that we reap what we sow. We may restate it as planting the seed and bearing the fruit.  But to clarify it and make it easier to grasp the necessity of this vital principle, is to state it in this manner: “it is in giving, we are gifted.”

Our Duty: Let us not turn our back on those those who have not had the privilege of finding personal initiative. Wise choice is the single most important consideration affecting our future destiny. Let us organize, or “partner” and share our vast gifts and treasures to all in need, by bringing forth the message of Love to every need.


Friendly Advice to Those Seeking Assistance:
My name is Kenny Owens; I wish to speak sincerely to you about your life and the enormous opportunity you may inadvertently miss. You perhaps have heard of the three strikes you’re out rule. This does not apply with here. I use the one strike you’re out rule. There are far too many people who sincerely need help, to waste precious time enabling a con artist. Do not waste my time please. This is an introduction into a structured self-reliance, character development, moral upliftment, “where there is a will, there is a way” and certainly a “can do attitude” program.

This day is a valuable day. Not tomorrow. If you want help, my goal is to assist you in redirecting your life and gaining economic freedom. The only thing I ask in return, is for you to help others in the future to duplicate your own process of and entangling yourself from the numerous problems of life.

I’m not offering you money, only heart, hope, inspiration, motivation, and love in action to encourage you to accomplish what Almighty God gave me to do, with His mercy and grace and through my own
personal action and efforts. Gratefully, He revealed my character flaws through prayer, and He ever so gently encouraged me to face the facts of my shortcomings, and to exercise self-control to eliminate them.

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