Kenny Owens is a world-renowned body-worker who invented a bodywork approach which gives substantial results when all other known systems fail. Kenny suffered chronic suicidal pain in 1980 which led to his discoveries about the role of muscles regarding pain, disease, dysfunction, and disability. This led to the creation of Myofascial Science, aka muscular health science. and Delos Therapy, aka Delos Neuromuscular Therapy,

Kenny often says that myofascial disorders are a worldwide epidemic, a worldwide crisis. If there were this level of dysfunction in any other part of the body, the heart, liver, lungs, or the brain, etc., there would be an enormous worldwide effort to discover what is going on. In the case of muscles, medical science has not investigated these findings. There are 100 million people that live in chronic pain they do not know what is causing their pain. Myofascial dysfunction is a single most overlooked consideration affecting human health.

Kenny previously had a clinic with 11 therapists. The therapists worked on the lesser challenging problems while Kenny focused on those in the most serious and debilitating conditions. This gave him a vast experience with the most challenging of situations. In 43 years Kenny has given in excess of 125,000 treatments, mostly on those beyond any medical or surgical cure. He has vast experience with every conceivable condition.

Kenny has had the good fortune to have worked on many notable athletes including Evander Holyfield, Warren Moon, Hakeem Olajuwon, Carl Lewis, Fred couples, Mary Lou Retton, Roger Clements, Lance Berkman, and numerous others. He worked with the Houston Oilers Football Team, the Houston Rockets Basketball Team, and the Houston Ballet.

Kenny is currently doing therapy on a limited basis. Contact him: 832-206-0246
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Kenny Owens’s son, Eric Owens, is caring on with Kenny’s work in Chicago with seven Delos Therapy Clinics and recently opened the Delos Institute, teaching about the intricacies of myofascia and human anatomy.

Kenny’s son had a tremendous childhood having raised motorcycles, ran track, one national iron kids triathlon age 9, and was US Champion in table tennis.

He got a master’s degree at Midwestern University in biomedical science.

Contact Eric’s Clinic: 312-600-7716 Check out Eric here on this site: