Nutritional Science

Kenny Owens is the oldest surviving member of his mother’s side of the family because of cancer. After many years of searching, Kenny discovered wise diet choice is the single most important consideration affecting our future health. He discovered that Standard American Diet a.k.a. SAD, produces Standard American Disease, and Standard American Death.

He discovered that the most nutrient-dense diet has the most antioxidants and the most vital nutrients. Antioxidants are the protective agents in your cells. It is important to realize that macronutrients such as fats, carbs, and proteins are not the same as micronutrients which are phytonutrients.

Your RNA, DNA, organelles, mitochondria, and cellular membranes are essential components of a cell. These are extremely electron-rich. Oxidation, inflammation, glycation, acidosis, and free radicals all rob the electrons from these vital components. The end caps on your DNA are called telomeres. They are especially sensitive to these electron robbing processes and when they unravel, your DNA becomes permanently damaged in that cell.

The antioxidants within the cells are the workforce that protects you against cellular damage. It is not unlike corrosion and rusting, eating away at precious and vital metals.

Persons with chronic disease and life-threatening ailments routinely measure low antioxidant scores. It is for each person’s ultimate benefit to intentionally build the protective workforce within the cells to ensure radiant health and longevity.