iHub Global

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!

A new way to earn money with crypto

By deploying a simple device (iHub Hotspot) in your home or office, you can earn a six figure income with no investment and you can provide your city with miles of low-power network coverage for billions of devices and  new cryptocurrency, Helium aka: HNT.  By simply signing up 35 people for free, no monthly fees, no gimmicks! The founders have set up an $80 million dollar fund to give away iHub Crypto Miners.

Quick Intro to iHubIHub Opportunity Video

iHub Mining

The Helium Network (HNT) was started in 2013. Mining computers are necessary for all crypto networks to operate. The iHub network developers raised $80,000,000 to fund the iHub Hotspots and offer them at this time for free to those who take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Reserve your hotspot now while the opportunity lasts.

How iHub Works

A iHub Hotspot is a small device you plug into an electrical outlet. It has an antenna to connect peer-to-peer to other LongFi network hotspots. There are 147.994 iHub Hotspots as of 08-30-2021 and millions will be necessary for the complete worldwide network. This is a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity and the window of opportunity will close when the iHub Mining network is completed.

Why Signup for iHub?

You can earn a six figure income with no additional effort after you signup 35 people. Your income also grows as the price of Helium (HNT) increases. Helium prices at this moment are $21-$25 dollars.

Fast and Global

iHub and Internet of Things is a fast and growing network to connect devices.