Redox Molecular Signaling Science

Your RNA, DNA, organelles, mitochondria, and cellular membranes are essential components of a cell. These are extremely electron-rich. Oxidation, inflammation, glycation, acidosis, and free radicals all rob the electrons from these vital components. The end caps on your DNA are called telomeres. They are especially sensitive to these electron robbing processes and when they unravel, your DNA becomes permanently damaged in that cell.

The antioxidants and phytonutrients within the cells are the workforce that protects you against cellular and mitochondrial  damage. It is not unlike corrosion and rusting, eating away at precious and vital metals.

It is redox signaling molecules that signal to detect, defend, protect, repair and/or replace, damage within the cells or anywhere within the body.


In 1998, 3 Scientists received a Nobel prize after making a revolutionary discovery about the deepest cell signaling molecules ever discovered: Redox signaling molecules

This is certainly one of the most important discoveries in our lifetime, surpassing the discovery of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, penicillin, the development of myofascial science, including the discovery of atoms, and galaxies. Yet very few have even heard of them.

The Redox signaling molecules are synthesized in the mitochondria and controls all cell functions. From early adulthood on the mitochondria manufacture less and less of these vital molecules and therefore we observe abnormal aging and health decline. 99% of physicians know nothing about this.

Redox signaling molecules are the single most unknown consideration affecting the health and wellness of every human being. There are now over 1400 books and over 35,000 published studies on about redox signaling. We are experiencing a profound new frontier, not a page in medical history but an entire new chapter.

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