The Missing Link in Modern Medicine!

New Hope For Old Problems

Startling Implications for the Whole of Mankind!
Discover the historic insight into the revelations of the muscles in the origins of birth defects, pain, disease, dysfunction, and disability. Introducing: “Muscular Health Science”. If there were no dentistry, no dentists, no dental hygenists, no brushing, no flossing, and every human being had decayed teeth, that would make no sense. This is what we have in the domain of muscles.

We have a worldwide crisis, a worldwide “silent” epidemic, yet it remains hidden to all mankind. Delos Myofascial Science, the “Missing Link” is Bodywork elevated exponentially.

Myofascial Science’s unparalleled insights will truly revolutionize medical science, athletics, the military, NASA, and even the entertainment industry. Myofascial tightness and the involved fascial components is complicit in all joint problems, virtually all organ problems, birth defects,and even actively involved at the time of death.

Headaches, vertigo, motion sickness, TMJ, heart and lung problems, strokes, liver failure, renal failure, acid reflux, constipation, colon problems, hemorrhoids, female disorders, prostate, gall bladder, appendix, incontentance and bladder problems, internal bleeding, pancreatitis, are all involved with each of these disorders. Muscular Health Science is the single most overlooked consideration affecting our health today.

Let us “partner” together to bring about awareness to scientifically investigate this groundbreaking discovery. and bring Myofascial Science to the world stage, by bringing forth the inspiring message of Wellness to every American resident, Physician, caregiver, and Institution. Startling Implications for the Whole of Mankind!